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iPhone Roundup: 6S vs 8 Plus vs X

I got my new iPhone 8 Plus yesterday! So far, I’m very happy with the experience. It’s the iPhone I’ve always dreamed of having. The iPhone 8 combines my two favourite iPhone generations as one. It takes the glass of the 4 and mixes it into the body of a 6. It then gets the water resistance and dual cameras of the 7 for good measure.


Earlier this week, I also picked up a Rose Gold 6S that needs a new screen but is otherwise fine. However, not long after picking up that phone I learned that I also could get any new iPhone I want too. This opened a whole new door..

I bet you’re going to ask why didn’t I wait to get the X? Well, the answer to that question is part of the reason I daily drove Android for the past two years.

My two favourite features on the X are the edge to edge screen and the lack of a virtual home button. To me, the rest of the phone just seems like a rushed design. It’s less “all new” and more “we didn’t know what to do”.


They seemingly spent so much time on the screen that they forgot to design the rest of the phone. In a world where Androids are having fun with dazzling glass colours and effects, Apple decides to go backwards to only white or black. Some Androids even use ceramic or Sapphire, again, missing from the X. I would have loved a wine red, or a metallic dark orange, maybe a vibrant blue...but nope.


My other issue is the entire deletion of the home button and Touch ID. More security options are always better. The iPhone 7 home button was basically just a touch pad. I feel they could have turned the Apple logo on the back of the phone into a fingerprint scanner/home button. Or maybe the power button could have been a scanner, like with the Nextbit Robin.


At any rate, I do like how they fixed the biggest issue I have with big screen Androids, soft keys. To me, soft keys are cheating. A screen may be advertised as a 5.5" or larger, but comes with a nearly half inch thick permanent soft key bar. Apple’s gesture home button fixes this, provided it actually works in practice.

Ultimately, what swayed me towards the 8 Plus was the peachy gold colour. Call me superficial, but I like some colour in my life.


Bonus: Here’s a MagSafe mod that I’ve done to the lightning port.

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