Iphone XR. The R stands for relatively.

Apple got me, aight.

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I changed my Telcel iphone 8 for an Iphone XR back when I was in Sacramento. The good thing is that now I own an unlocked phone with the best chip Apple makes, the bad thing is that it was 450 dollars.

At 450 bucks, it might be the cheapest phone I’ve had since the Nexus 6P. Granted, it’s a 750 dollar phone when you don’t give in another one for it, so it’s kind of a moot point.


What isn’t a moot point is that this is the first time in years that I intentionally picked an Apple smartphone, and I must say... The XR doesn’t make me miss Android.

Admittedly, I used to be an android fan before, but support for the weird android devices I like is limited in Mexico. My Essential phone is basically unfixable, the 6P’s warranty didn’t count because it was never sold here, fixing my HTC was also impossible for the same reason, and fixing my Galaxy S4 back in middle school was an expensive pain in the ass even if Samsung does offer support.

While Apple never said why the XR was called the XR. I have a theory that it stands for “relatively.” As this device is not that impressive on it’s own, but can really be compelling when compared to other apple products.


While you lose the telephoto lense, the OLED display, and the stainless steel construction to the XS, you keep a large battery pack, the best smartphone chip available in the form of the A12 Bionic, and face ID. So it’s a relatively good phone, even with the compromises you make in the name of savings.

The vibrant colour did it for me, I got the red one, and I like it a lot, it stands out, and the matte aluminium body actually makes it look better than the stainless steel one from the iphone XS. I missed having such a large phone and keyboard, so even if the weirdly thick bezzel and absurd mass of 200grams sort of made my typing a bit slower at the begining, I’ve gotten adjusted to it quite fast.


The battery is something I was amazed about. It just won’t fucking die. The pack isn’t even that big, at 3000mAh, it’s smaller than the one on my Nexus 6P. But it still manages to last 24 hours without an issue. Even with the slow 5W charger apple ships with it, the charge time is reasonably short.

I really think the current generation iphone tens were a missed opportunity for apple to finally implement USB-C, since this port would be able to support more stuff, faster charging, and many other things. But Apple is Apple.


And Apple being Apple, the XR cuts some corners that seem odd rather immediately if you graduated from a lesser iphone.

The lack of 3D Touch is something I lament, and don’t understand, since it’s available on literally every other iphone. The quality of the LCD display is also subpar compared to the OLED iphones and even android compettitors.


No to be outdone, apple employs a myriad of software tweaks to make the LCD work seamlessly. It also employs the A12’s, erm, “bionic” chipset to fill in the blanks left by the begone telephoto lense when using various camera settings

It is in the end a lower-end product than an XS, bur it doesn’t feel cheep in it’s materials quality like the 5C. The weird way Apple cuts corners but also added features like That Battery and the use of Machine learning to overcome hardware cutbacks makes it a special phone.


In the end, the Iphone XR is, in my opinion, the best smartphone Apple sells.

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