I was looking at $300 HD dashcams, but since I got a shiny new iPotato 5s I figured I'd give it a chance to do the job, and I'm glad I did. Here's a celebratory snowy FR-S roundabout drift:

Bought one of these sticky pad/suction cup things to mount it. http://www.clingo.com/car-mounts/uni…

Illustration for article titled iPotato Goes Russian, is Now Dashpotato.

It's alright. It took a little wrangling to get the right angles and find the right place to mount it, but once I got in on there it held strong. Taking the phone off is actually not easy. There's no risk of it dropping your phone, that is until it gets dirty I guess, but it also means it's not just grab and go. You have to reach over with both hands and pull it apart.

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