Now that the car has had a couple of seasons on track and there's a solid bit of data to pull from iRacing has finished production on the current generation Indy Car. Love it or hate it the racing has been great and iRacing did an amazing job with the little details. P2p? Check. Qualifying boost for Indy? Check.

iRacing has always had things like roll-bar adjustments, brake bias adjustments, and the weight jacker functions, but one thing missing has been the push to pass/DRS type of functionality. With the new DW12 they've added that feature and even added a feature for the speedway car to allow added turbo boost for qualifying.

If you aren't already aware iRacing is going to have their own annual Indy 500 this weekend featuring the new DW12 car. Post your qualifying time and join a field of 33 and take the green this weekend. Just don't get a stupid black flag two years in a row like I did and end up finishing 2nd as a result.