So you've got iRacing and you're thinking maybe I should race this or maybe I should race that. What should you race this weekend? You should set aside approximately 4 hours and race the Indy 500 using the new DW12. Do not drink any fluids leading up to the race as there will be no bathroom breaks and your wife won't clean up if you take a break in turn 1. Heaven forbid you take a break in turn 2.

Also running this week is the GT3 series at Phillip Island. Pack 30 cars loaded with ABS and traction control and throw them on a motor cycle track and you've got a recipe for close racing. There are some good setups available for the Z4. I know there are because I put them there and someone told me he went from running 1:26.4's to running 1:25.9's. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal except 1:25.9 is the fastest lap of the week so far and I'm only running 1:26.1.