For not super rational reasons I wish I had 4WD in my Suburban. I do not, so of course I’m searching for one.

(I might take it hunting the 1-2 times a year I got; my parents like to borrow it 1-2 times a year to go to Nebraska where it would be nice to have; but no REAL 4WD need.)

So along comes this:


Basically my Suburban except one year newer (mine is 2015), 4WD, brown interior (mine is black), power running boards (mine are fixed in place), and 22" wheels (I actually got rid of those exact wheels on mine to go down to 20"). They even have the same WeatherTech mats! Mileage is almost exact as well.

Pictured above - mine.

So, what do you think the chances I can drive in, offer them a few grand for the difference, and walk out with 4WD? I’m pretty sure 2016 means I get Android Auto as well, but I’m hoping they don’t know that.


Less important (ok, maybe somewhat important) - should I?

Any well known issues with the 4WD on these?

I would definitely keep my 20" wheels and let them keep the 22".

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