Ok Morning OPPO's today is my second last day at work before I move to Denver and as such, I am doing as little as possible outside of Oppo today. So for my first post (of possibly many or even possibly of one) I ask you....

What car on the road do you irrationally love, lust, want or just have a profound amount of jealousy for the person who has it?

I thought about this long an hard (on my 30 minute drive to work) and this is what I came up with.

Side Note: I drive a brand new Focus ST, just for comparison when considering my decision.

My irrational jealousy is for people who drive 04/05 Forester XT's


I have no idea why, but I love these cars. I think part of me thinks that if I owned one I would eventually make it into one of these.


Which makes my thought pattern that much more irrational.

So what say you OppO????