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I have an irrational want. I think I want an E89.

The reason this is a big deal is because it is a convertible, and I do not care one bit for convertibles. I get no enjoyment from driving a convertible with the top down. They’re heavier than their coupe counterparts due to added chassis stiffening, but their chassis pales in comparison to the coupe variety. They suffer from NVH issues, they have more failure points, and I’ve never liked the looks of a vert more than the coupe version. I don’t even like targas or t-tops! Yuck.

I have NO business even looking at E89's on line. Even as far as convertibles go, there are objectively better options out there (c7 and 718 come to mind). But I can’t help myself.

From what I’ve read they: have vague steering, a muted chassis, and too much weight for their size (3500 lbs). The only pro’s are the N54's significant potential and a slick 6 speed.

So why do I want to test drive one this weekend?

When they were new, I was one of the many who wanted to see an M coupe version. I remember seeing the GT3 coupe at Road Atlanta and being captivated by it. I even thought it could be a good idea to buy one and replace the roof with the same one piece carbon roof from the race car (Ha! Yeah right).

In theory it would be a good car. It has enough power for its size and it is smaller than a C7 but bigger than a miata (the ideal size IMO).

But it’s a convertible. That alone is enough to make me cringe.

Fiance doesn’t know. I’ve been looking at F80's and I think she’s happy I still want a sedan and not another small coupe. I even had trouble finding a good picture for this article, because the standard version isn’t that striking.

All I can think is that fatigue from work has driven me mad and I’m on the verge of many terrible car decisions.


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