I suddenly kind of want an early 3 door ‘bubble’ rover 200 - they’ve grown on me, and look quite nice, especially considering how good value for money they are. My only proper experience with them so far was one that was used as a courtesy car at a garage I worked at a couple of years back which was in pretty bad shape - it had these hideous aftermarket alloys that had been kerbed to death, a torn up interior and so much rust that whenever I had to clean it big flakes of the car would fall off. Neither the other people who worked at the garage nor the people who used it seemed to car about it at all, and it sort of painted the cars in a bad light, however, I’ve started to like them, and I’ve briefly thought about getting one.

Prices can’t really get much lower than they are at the moment for them, unless the seller is particularly greedy or you’re looking at a BRM model, even low mileage showroom condition cars are usually less than £1000, with the slightly rougher examples going for not much more than scrap value. I could easily find a way to pay for the car itself, and it’d be pretty good for me; something cheap, normal, and reliable enough for me to use every day, and keep the mini for weekends and fun, so I wasn’t relying on it all the time (Which considering the trouble I’ve had in the past with it may be a good thing)

However, there’s always a catch - in this case it’s insurance, even for a misery spec 1.1 8v car, insurance for me would be around £2000. Nearly double what a similar policy for my mini would be. If I had that much money at my disposal, it certainly wouldn’t be spent on a nearly 20 year old hatchback from a company that no longer exists.

Any thoughts?