Friday. Raining. Bored. Lets see what kind of trouble I can get in on Craigslist.

Right off the bat, things get interesting.

2007 Miles ZX40S LSV for $1,000

This 72V, 35MPH monster rocks four doors and four dead batteries. It comes with a clean Oklahoma title.

Looks like replacement batteries run for about $350 a piece, but there might be some upgrade options available. Apparently the limiter can be removed with some software tweaking, enabling speeds up 45 mph.


Swapping in a Dahiatsu transmission is apparently also a very comon mod.

I won’t lie, this thing would be a lot of fun, but also has the potential to be a massive headache. I like the idea of getting a cheap EV up and going, but I also like the idea of throwing a motorcycle engine in there or something similarly stupid.


Next up we have a cheap Jeep

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $750

Not a lot of info on this other than it needs a new transmission.

Other than that minor detail, it looks pretty sweet. Seemingly good body, decent interior, and an excellent color. I like it!


I feel like transmissions for these can’t be that hard to come by and I know for a fact they can be killer offroad.

This one would seems worth saving or, if not, worth parting out.


1991 Alfa Romeo 164 with $350 current bid

I love all things Alfa and all thing Saab. Since this one is both, that makes it double good... right?


Runs, drives, and has a clean title this thing has my attention. Just look at those controls! :swoon:

I’ll be honest, no one is going to describe these as “pretty” but it is a V6 Alfa and that has to be worth something.


Wow I was happy when I figured out this was an auto. Otherwise I might have had to buy it. Luckily I should be safe...

Should be....

[Update] And lastly a late entry...

2000 Jeep Cherokee “Mechanic’s Special” for $1500


Had to throw this one in. Minty interior, good exterior, 4x4... what is not to like!?

The seller claims it “Needs engine” but still runs and drives? I kinda want to know more. Prices for these are on the up and this one looks pretty excellent.