For those who aren't interested have a picture of a Subaru being flown by Mr. (Chris?) Atkinson. Image source here, and there are some more interesting pics too. Sort of a random collection so chances are you'll see something you'll like.

I think its pretty poor that bureaucrats can use the power of their agencies to possibly behave illegally and then they can refuse to answer questions in a congressional hearing. The fact that Lerner is refusing to answer questions regarding IRS actions is BS. Her latest "congressional hearing" ended after 15 minutes as she refused to answer questions yet again, invoking her Fifth Amendment right to not testify. I'm sorry, but when you are a bureaucrat at a federal agency, you need to be held accountable to Congress which is supposed to oversee you and the American public whom you are supposed to serve. The fact that these people can use their position to abuse their power and possibly act illegally against the American public and then refuse to testify about it needs to end. At some point we have to say that if you are a federal employee, you can not invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying about events that happened while you were using the power of your federal office. Latest on the story here.