Is $300 too expensive?

The $300 Opel GT! Is $300 too much for this thing? Basically a friend of mine was on this property to buy that hopeless FJ you see next to it. The owner of the FJ also had the Opel and said “take it away or it goes to the crusher”. So long story short, he’s offering that car to me for free, minus his cost of transport which was around $300.


I’m not exactly sure what year it is but I suspect it is a 1972. Supposedly it is decent in terms of rust and actually looks fairly straight. Notably a wooden 2x4 has been laminated into the front grill to form the lower portion. Now that’s some ingenuity!


The engine seems fairly complete though I notice the distributor cap is missing and the valve cover is just sitting akimbo with no bolts. It might be a goner? The transmission is also sitting in the passenger footwell and is not installed.


So what do you guys think? Is it a worthy Reidus and Cletus candidate or is it too far gone? If I buy it, I think my most likely plan would be to abandon the quirky but surely wounded 1.9 CIH engine and swap in a Japanese I4 of some kind. Then I would paint the weathered hulk to match the Cletus-Vette! Mini me!

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