I was going to form this into a more detailed essay, but I'm left with not much but an open question: what purpose does, say, the news about teenage girls trying to join ISIS serve other than to create widespread panic and sensationalism? And no, Gawker Media isn't so much guilty of this as much as merely regurgitating, along with every other news outlet, what the State Department is feeding them in the first place.

I'm under the impression that the Israelis have tight control over their media outlets over distressful news items like these - for them, it's such a common occurrence anyway that to saturate the news with it doesn't serve much purpose other than create panic, and to simply leave it off ends up accomplishing more strategic and public good. On the other hand, freedom of the media is one of our most cherished freedoms - so I guess it's a question of how our media would be convinced that perhaps a focus away from the Middle East might be good for a while.