None of this post contains spoilers for the season released today, but it might spoil seasons released prior.

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I just watched the entire... erm, half season.... and I want to ask those who like the show... how do you think it’s gonna end?

Personally, I think it can’t be satisfactory.

Bojack can’t have a good ending, or one that makes audiences comfortable; if anything the show is all about displaying an uncomfortable reality in the background as you’re dragged into accepting, and cheering-on, a terrible horse due to the amount of screen time it gets. Then Diane makes you feel shitty for that. 

You’re literally backing the wrong horse!


If the show was shot from the perspective of other characters, like Kelsey, or Princess Carolyn..... we’d see Bojack as an unsympathetic asshole that always half-asses everything and disappoints everyone he knows.

Bojack doesn’t deserve forgiveness... As bad as that sounds; he’s never held accountable for his actions... At times he’s even rewarded for his shitty behaviour. But at the same time, if you pay attention to the background; the show doesn’t really believe in consequences for abusive people.

All the news cast in the background, what other celebrities talk about, the political race... all of that just shows that the world is not looking for accountability... not looking for justice...

So we end up with a very clear picture of a flawed, disgusting person in a flawed, disgusting world..... But this picture has to be interrupted because Netflix is stupid and prefers funding Big Mouth.

Both are good shows... sure, but Bojack Horseman is better.

Nonetheless, I can’t actually predict how the show ends without spoiling what I already saw... All I know is that if they want to stay true to their heading thus far it cannot be satisfactory to the audience... As in, Bojack cannot be held accountable in a healthy way, nor will he learn to be happy in the flawed world that surrounds him.

Actually I’m gonna spoil a bit:

Jaime Camil is the most annoying voice actor I’ve ever heard and just thinking about his voice reminds me of La fea mas bella.

Stay in your lane, Camil, you’re not as handsome as you think you are.

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