Not sure if I’m just making up my own narrative to align with my own feelings but it looks like the comments on front page posts are way down since last weeks “happenings”.

While we continue to stay on Kinja, or more succinctly, continue to be hosted by the owners of Kinja, we need them to stay in business if only to continue to host personal Kinja sites.

G/O Media gets paid by advertisement revenue and that is proportionate to how many views and clicks the FP’s gets. In this model, just like YouTube content or network TV, you entice clicks and page views by giving your audience what they want. Most of us don’t want content mill, clickbait, auto play videos, pop ups etc etc. We want the community we had. The trick for G/O is to figure out how to monetize what we have without fucking it up.


In the mean time, I want a a cause and effect because that is the only thing that will make “the company” pay attention; their decision equals lower value.

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