They seem like a good option for the Saturn Astra and possibly others cars that were fairly popular in Europe but rare over here.

And for the Astra in particular, NOBODY makes a muffler or any part of the exhaust for a Saturn Astra. But since it was the #1 car in Europe, parts should be easy to obtain from over there, albeit with some shipping cost.

Enter the Cobra Sport exhaust I ran into while searching Ebay UK. It has the obligatory 304 mandrel-bent piping seen in any performance catback. I’m not especially interested in the performance aspect, just the rust-resistant 304. It is available with or without a resonator, and of course I would get the one with the resonator, provided it’s not too loud.


There is also a stock replacement complete exhaust for about $150 plus shipping.

My reason for this post is because I’m considering an Astra mainly due to the big fun awesome panoramic sunroof available on them, and the exhaust is probably the most significant parts that aren’t easily available in the US for the Astra. Almost everything else that I would ever need to buy for it is either easily available, or shared or interchangeable with domestic GM cars.

Now, the Astra isn’t at the top of my shopping list, and I more than likely won’t end up in one, but that big sunroof assures a place on the list.

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