We have plain old AMG models, AMG S models, and now we have an AMG R model. Soooo are we still getting AMG Black Series? That’s a heck of a lot of AMG levels without even accounting for different engines. Actually, Mercedes has so many US gasoline engines and trims that if the C-Class was offered with all of them then maybe the range would be something like this:

Benz C200 - 208 hp/258 lb-ft, 2.0T I-4 (from CLA250) [~$33,500]

Benz C300 - 241 hp/273 lb-ft, 2.0T I-4 [$38,950]

Benz C400 - 329 hp/354 lb-ft, 3.0T V6 (from GLE400) [~$43,000]

AMG C43 - 362 hp/384 lb-ft, 3.0T V6 (apparently AMG started building this engine which is why it changed from C450 AMG into a full blown AMG model). [$50,800 as C450 AMG]


AMG C45 - 375 hp/350 lb-ft, 2.0T I-4 (from AMG CLA45) [~$54,500]

Benz C500 - 449 hp/516 lb-ft, 4.7T V8 (from S550) [~$59,000]

AMG C55 - 449/516 lb-ft (if AMG built the 4.7T V8) [$62,500]

AMG C63 - 469 hp/479 lb-ft, 4.0T V8 [$65,250]

Maybach C500 - 449 hp/516 lb-ft, 4.7T V8 [~$70,000]

AMG C63 S - 503 hp/516 lb-ft, 4.0T V8 (power bumped version) [$73,250]

AMG C63 R - 577 hp/571 lb-ft, 5.5T V8 (out of E63 S, though funny that the dry-sump 4.0T in the AMG GT-R is also rated at 577 hp...) [~$81,000]


AMG C63 Black Series - 577 hp/571 lb-ft, 5.5T or 4.0T V8s [~$95,000]

Benz C600 - 523 hp/612 lb-ft, 6.0T V12 (from S600) [~ $106,500]

Maybach C600 - 523 hp/612 lb-ft, 6.0T V12 (from Maybach S600) [~$118,000]

AMG C65 - 621 hp/738 lb-ft, 6.0T V12 (from AMG S65) [~ $125,000]

Freaking crazy, but this just shows how I can’t even fathom how the M4 GTS is worth over $133,000 for some distilled water!