Yesterday I picked up a 2016 Impala Limited Classic (yes the old land yacht NOT THE NEW ONE). It’s built right down the road from where I am and boy is it huge. It’s heavy, stinky and feels like I’m stuck in 1998.

I was at Walmart grabbing some water for the hike and noticed something plugged into the OBD port. For now I’ve unplugged it for now but is Budget tracking me? It was not in the agreement (I read it fully) and I believe it’s illegal to do without my consent. It’s a NY State plated and registered car (in Ontario) if that makes any difference.

I never rent with the Budget/Avis group. I did it once last year as I had no choice and this time again as I have a company discount the rates were cheaper for easter. I’m really dissappointed, the car is filthy inside. (I’m an enterprise Platnium member).