I have a question for you guys out in the Oppo universe. I have found a great deal on a 2000 Volvo C70 in the right color right near me. It has 74000 miles on it and the asking price is $4000. However, it has a rebuilt title. Is that bad? Will it affect insurance?

The car is very clean. Body looks great. The top looks great. I love the beige leather with black exterior combination. And the mileage is great. But the rebuilt title makes me worry.

If the car didn't have a rebuilt title I'd be all over it but I don't know enough about that subject to make a decision. That is why I came to you.


So, could someone please explain to me what a rebuilt title is and what it will require from me? Like, will it jack up my insurance? Will it lead to more repairs down the road? Any advice will help. Thanks!

UPDATE: I contacted the owner to find out why it has a rebuilt title. This vehicle was actually in a hailstorm last year. They got the dents filled and then repainted the car. The only new bit is the roof. So, no panels were replaced.