Theres a car show in Pontevedra every year called “The Beautiful Car” I was invited to attend by the owner of the Ferrari 458 I had the honour to drive a couple of days ago. But they warned me that “it’s not a nice place”

I encountered one of the people that went there in a cafeteria today and spoke about a few cars. I showed him the pictures of the 993 and he was fascinated. He let me drive his SLS too

Hes an older Cuban gentilmen, good friend of the regimen and the owner of an engine reconditioning factory in Spain that sells back to Cuba. He said he owned a 55’ gullwing back in Cuba as well.


Must be 60 or 70 and he was smoking a thick, long cuban cigar as he sipped a gin and tonic. His accent was a mix between Galician and Cuban; made him perfectly understandable. He was joined by the owner of a luxury car dealership that would discuss the intricacies of 959 with the same ease as he’d talk about the price. I talked about the Ferrari 288 with them,“I have flipped a few; good investment” they’d answer. I spoke about the 911R. “Terrible, Porsche ruined it” they said. Echoing that the GT3 turing reduced the value of the 911R significantly.

These people were incredibly well versed in their trade, and while I understood their fascination with cars, their monetary interests were shown rather noticeably.

I don’t know how The Beautiful Car went, but I’m convinced that the nature of the event could be pretentious beyond the comfort of some people. In a sense car culture can be arrogant because a car is a naturally expensive object, and it is pretentious in its own nature. Its better than public transport and its better than walking! It’s also exclusive, the same price is also exlusionary in a way.

I’m not trying to say all car culture is arrogant, or that these people were insufferable or bad, they were quite nice with me and let me drive a fantastic car that I would’ve been unable to drive otherwise. But maybe they represent the few rather than the most. Neither am I trying to suggest I’m not arrogant or less arrogant than them...I barely know car culture... but the glimpses I’ve had are suggesting I’m right.


I don’t know, I solely ask for your opinions.

Also, if I don’t answer some comments it’s because I don’t have good internet access here.


Enjoy the ass.


This car sounds so nice. It’s in fact the first car in which I enjoyed the noise it made more than I was annoyed by it. 

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