IS-F vs TL-S: a bullshit cross-shopping post

Time for a full analysis on— no, of course not. I’ve never driven either of these. But the window-shopping shall continue. Especially now that it is totally harmless for me to do so, as I have no real funds for such endeavors.

As you know, the IS-F is RWD, with a V8 pumping out 416 horsepower and something-less torque. You get a 8-speed auto with paddles.


A 2008 TL-S, on the other hand, is FWD, with a V6 getting you 286 hp and also something-less torque. Most you’ll find will have an automatic. But... some are out there with one of these Manuél features:

In addition, the TL-S would probably be more practical as an every-day car: a backseat that isn’t totally useless, FWD, a few better MPGs, a bit more subdued of a look, and maybe the trunk is bigger... [googles it]... Wait, the IS-F somehow has .5 more cubic feet... Moving on then!


Another selling point: price. Here is the above, one listed for 15 grand. The IS-F ranges anywhere from 25- to 50k depending on the condition, mileage, and year.

“Well, with all due respect: I don’t think most people are cross-shopping these two —” HEY! I didn’t ask for dissenting opinions, okay?


“Sorry, yeesh... Well fine, what would you choose, then?” Glad you asked, not-friends. I would probablyyyyyyy get a TSX wagon and use the remaining funds for an expensive V6- and manual-swap from the sedan of the same generation, because I don’t want a sedan and neither Lexus nor Acura sells wagons anymore.


“Really. Well great, I can’t believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this crap.” You are welcome!

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