Consider this - I just got home from test driving a Hyundai Tucson, the same Hyundai Tucson that has won rave reviews from Jalopnik and Truck Yeah! for being “an adequate commuter device.” Those reviews are pretty much spot-on; it corners, handles, everything else like a little bit like a motor launch. Not quite like a malaise land yacht, just one of the little tender boats you’d use to get to your land yacht (plus it has AWD so you can get to your land yacht in the snow and it’s compact enough you can park it in the trunk). One thing I don’t think any of those reviews talked about though was how surprisingly quick it was, even with the 1.6 “eco” trim. It at least felt much faster than my old Santa Fe with an engine that’s got two more cylinders and just over twice the displacement on it (and probably still ahead on HP and torque). I even had more fun on it than when I go two wheels good.

And it felt more fun than my Santa Fe even if it comes up way short of being a 370z or something. So, given most public roads and speed limits, can you have fun in a boat of a CUV that feels quicker than what you’re used to? Is feeling fast good enough?

UPDATE: Oh, and just for clarification I’m not in the market for a new SUV, I just took it for a test drive during a promotional event to receive a free...Broncos signed mini-football? I spent 90 minutes away from home for this?