Coming out this month is a little flick called RUSH. Ron Howard is putting Nikki Lauda and James Hunt on the silver screen in his depiction of the Golden Age of Formula 1. So I wondered what made it the Golden Age. Was it the rivalry? Maybe the pureness of the cars? Maybe it's even the near death risk of driving formula cars of that era? Let's say it's all of these things. If that's the case, then that era was just a Golden Age as opposed to the Golden Age.

I would say that a Golden Age comes and goes. It comes and goes more than once in a sport that is so smothered in glamour as is Formula 1. Just off the top of my head I can think of several Golden Ages. Lauda and Hunt, and Senna and Prost with their intense rivalries, but what about the Golden Age of Juan Miguel Fangio? Also, the Golden Age of Ferrari and Schumacher? I think these are Golden Ages in the sport as well, but for different reasons. I would say that every era of Formula 1 can be called a "Golden Age of _______." Like the turbo 4 cylinder era and the v10 era.

We talk about these Golden Ages in the rapture of our nostalgia. Formula 1 is a wonderful, ever evolving platform on which we can ruminate. So the real question is not whether or not we are in a Golden Age, but what will this era of Formula 1 be remembered by.