We all know about the GM recall and how it is causing 2.6 million cars to be recalled. Common sense tells us that this is not cheap between the lawsuits and the cost of fixing these parts it might put GM in some financial trouble. When GM was in trouble a while ago they sold or as I say killed brands to try and get some money to help them out. this meant Saab, Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, and Oldsmobile were killed.

Lets get back to present day, if GM is really in big trouble could this mean that they would kill a brand? We know Holden will be killed soon, but what one of their American brands would they kill?


I don't think they would kill Chevy. I mean this is their main brand, their flag ship, what people think about when they hear GM. It would be dumb to kill Chevy no more Corvette, No more Camaro, and no more Sonic.



This is their mid-range brand so I suppose it could go but then they would have to make cheaper Cadillacs to fill the gap and we know that is probably not going to happen.



GM couldn't possibly kill Cadillac it is their direct competitor to the Germans. They are finally a force to be reckon with and who is going to get rid of that.



If there is one brand that GM could kill it would be GMC. Why? because all their trucks and SUVs are just slightly nicer versions of Chevrolet's trucks and SUVs. It is the same thing GM did not so long ago they made copies of their cars and threw on a badge and raised the price.


Hopefully it doesn't come to GM selling or killing off brands but if it does it will be a sad day for GMC fans (if I am right.)