Is Henrik Fisker the Most Influential Designer of this Century?

Over the past decade, automobile designs have changed drastically. But what caused this change? Was it demand? A change in new car buying demographics? Could it all be the design of one man?

It was probably a mix of all of these things, but there are three words that are growing, and growing, among manufacturers; Aston. Martin. Grill.


Henrik Fisker, whose name is now known for, what I consider to be, one of the most beautiful cars penned in this century; the now defunct Fisker Karma. Henrik started with BMW in the late 80's and worked his way up to his first production vehicle where he was lead on the exterior design; The BMW Z8. A design that could still pass as a brand new model, even at almost 15 years old (and James Bond drove one...).

Fisker then went on to work for Ford Motor Co. under the Aston Martin division, where he helped pen what is often describes as the sexiest sports cars available, the DB9, DBS, and Vanquish, which all continue to use styling ques designed by Fisker.


Manufacturers are now penning out there own versions of grills and front fascias in this same style, which has become wildly popular among new car buyers. This is evident in the massive popularity of the new Ford Fusion, and the just released styling on the new Hyundai Genesis. While there are tweaks to these grills to fit the larger sizes of the vehicles, it is evident to where the inspiration for these grills came from.


Is Henrik Fisker the most influential designer of this century? Only time will tell. But if design trends continue in this manner, I'd say he has a pretty good shot, even if his electric car does not.

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