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Is Horsepower Overrated?

No, I don't mean 'are figures twisted and fudged', I'm simply asking what you all think about the quest for more power. Personally, I think enough is enough. Please, don't shoot. I'm not a Communist pig, I just don't get it. Today I was out driving the 02 for about 3 hours with a friend. It was his first time driving my car and he loved it. And, to me, I love being able to share the experience.

Prior to driving my car, my friend thought I was a bit crazy for driving it as hard as I do. But, today he said 'now I know why your foot is always on the floor.' He didn't mean this in a negative way, it's just how you drive the car. And, to be completely honest, I don't want a car that I would never have a chance to drive at 10/10ths. With my car, I come damn close. 100hp sounds piss poor, but trust me, it's a great amount. I get my kicks and I can still leave rubber. I don't have trouble on highways or hills. Yes, I want more, but I can't imagine what my car would be like with 150 or 200hp. That's just too much. And at that point, it's not the same car, and you have to show resistance. And, to me, that just sounds silly. It's like being with the person of your dreams, and only going out for a cup of coffee. Now, I'm not saying my car is a crack whore, all I'm saying is that I love the fact that I can be comfortable with the limits of my car.


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