I’m looking to buy an Audi A4 Avant with a manual (2005.5-2008), with less than 100000 miles. At any given time, it seems like there are usually about two of these cars for sale nationwide. I really don’t want to drive the damn thing 24 hours back : I really wouldn’t mind paying a $700 destination charge (or whatever). So my question is: how would I go about finding a dealer that’s trustworthy enough to entrust the task to? Or should I resign myself to flying out to look at it, and just eating the cost of the ticket (and time)?

EDIT: So I called on one of the cars, and apparently NY makes you drive a car before you can buy it. I didn’t ask if I could have someone else drive it for me, though. The guy also said it would likely be $2000 to ship (seems high, but it’s NY to CO).