Is it campervan time?

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A good friend offered to go halves on a van that we’d build out. Astros seem to be some of the best bang-for-your-buck locally, and some of them even have these amazing triple rear doors. Yes please.


Unfortunately Express/E350s in decent shape are stretching the budget, which means sprinters/VW’s/jdm imports are definitely out of the budget. And pre-built camper vans are like $80k+ so... Lol.

But again... Astro!! Small enough to fit literally anywhere, big enough to live comfortably out of for a five day trip, and a fun base to build something. I don’t plan on modifying the bike, but I do miss the good days of Miatafications... Maybe this could fill the hole in my heart.


Find me some cool potential camper vans, oppo. That is your task for the night

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