A couple years ago, we traded my '07 Civic Si sedan in for my wife to get a '12 Infiniti QX56, loaded with everything except 4WD. It's gradually become a garage queen, one with a really large monthly payment.

My father in law has an '07 Chrysler Pacifica he's getting rid of; we're going to pick that up from him as a full-family trip vehicle. It'll need some reconditioning (he's hard on his cars), but it's impossible to pass on. Personally, I'm looking forward to something that drives more carlike than the QX. My wife will miss all the crazy features of the QX, though - radar cruise control, lane departure warning and control, etc.

That leaves me with a roughly $55K value vehicle to get rid of. I've dealt with private sale of cars in the less-than-$5K-range, but nothing that is so outlandishly expensive as the QX. Is it even possible to sell such a monster privately, or is this a case where taking it to CarMax and bending over, or should I go to some other dealer and (1) try to sell it to them, or (2) make it a trade-in on something MUCH less expensive? If selling privately, there's the question of safe test-drives, then there's also the additional question of how to work all the financial arrangements around closing out our loan, and ensuring the buyer gets theirs.


Summary: Estimated value over $50K. How to dispose of it? Don't need another car, but might look at something much cheaper and more fun if a trade were required.


  • Sell privately, if can be done safely and reasonably
  • Sell to CarMax, who low-balled me on the Civic a few years ago so I walked
  • Sell to another dealer
  • Trade at another dealer and get something much less expensive. Potentially sell that sometime later, but should be much simpler with something under "stupid-expensive". If I do this, then maybe something unseen in the US, that speaks with a Canadian accent. A CSX-S.


Any thoughts?