Is it ever worth calling people on their BS?

On the phone with my mom today and she starts talking about how much harder taking care of a new baby will be for my brother vs his wife. He only gets 2 weeks parental leave, and she’ll have 3 months.

I was fine just listening until she mentioned that she expressed this opinion to my sister in law, who is the one currently carrying the baby inside of her. I let my mom know that that’s not something you should say to a pregnant person, even if it was true and not an insane opinion.

Well, oops, then my mom started crying and saying “nobody ever says anything nice about me, etc.” And I end up apologizing to her!


Why do I bother? Both of my parents say BS inflammatory things to/about people all the time and it always turns into a fight if I speak up.

Here is an unrelated car photo:

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