The title says it all. I've often daydreamed of what I'd do if I was comfortable enough financially to change careers and really go for something I'd 1) Enjoy doing immensely and 2) Have a realistic shot at doing (I'm 28, it's a bit late for me to get into professional racing).

Call me a sucker for punishment but selling cars at a nice dealership seems like something I'd enjoy doing. I've never had a sales position before and I realize that the stress to perform is high and they don't keep low performers on for much longer than 3-6 months but that's not the crux of my question.


Is it actually hard to get a sales position at a nicer dealership. Nicer being Audi, BMW, MB, Lexus, Jag, etc. Not your Ferraris, Bentleys, etc. Do you need a degree? Do you need prior sales experience? If you don't have either is your only chance to know someone?

Has anyone here worked for a luxury dealership and can chime in?

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