I’ve yet to have any luck picking a girl up in my lowly 2000 Mercedes C Class, but I attribute that more to faults with myself than the car, but, could a much newer and nicer car help? Let’s ponder this question further.

When I ask is it possible to pick up a girl, I mean to attract her to you using your nice car (Mercedes, BMW, Audi) when she might not have given you a second look. I understand that most people, including myself, would not want a serious relationship with a girl who is so superficial, but is it still possible? Has it ever worked for anyone? Like I said previously, I have never been able to “pick up” a girl using my car; I’ve not even had a girl get even slightly more interested when she learned what I drove. People however have thought I was wealthier than I was upon learning what I drove, and how nice my car is.

On a related note, has anyone ever used cars in any way to get a girl interested you when they might not have. I can answer that question with an emphatic yes. My current neighbor is a perfect example. My neighbor is very cute, and way out of my league, she also owns a newer C Class, which made me notice her a little more (I like girls that drive nice German cars, especially Mercedes because they tend be nicer than BMW drivers. Just my observation.) I noticed she had a loaner car from the dealership one day, and I decided to engage her and ask her what was wrong with her car, this exchange started a relationship where she only uses me for my mechanical knowledge; is this wrong that she is only talking to me because she knows I can work on her can and save her a shit load of money? I would normally say yes, but I offer the help (because I’m helpless to say no to a cute girl, even when I know she is not interested in me in any way.) While I have yet to do any work on her car (she can’t afford her car, what a surprise) should I charge her even though I previously said I wouldn’t? In the case of a repair I specifically stated I would do for free, I would feel like a dick charging her, but if she asks if I can do anything else, should I charger her?

I’m kind of thinking out loud, but also asking for advice, and partially telling a story. Maybe I should just stick to my Tales of an Auto Enthusiast instead of chasing after girls that have no interest in me.