That’s a good question, one I’ve been asking my self frequently weeks after acquiring project panther.

To catch you up to speed I bought a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis for $300 that had 120k on the engine before the prior owner 2x back took it apart. When I say apart I meant the manifold, valve covers, and the front timing cover. . I bought it off of fellow Oppo and my FSFL cohost Forgecrownvictor or Forge as we call him on the show.

  • What in Gods good name made you do that ?

Honestly it was the fact that I missed my old Crown Victoria and My 87 Jeep isn’t the best for long hauls in terms of comfort and highway MPG. And the Pi heads that came with it.


  • PI heads !?!?


Yea, so the car came with PI heads from a 99 Mustang along with the stock NPI heads.

  • Are you going to use them ?

Well, no.

  • What ?

Let me explain, I was very excited to do the swap, but I can get much of my investment back by selling the PI bits and saving some time in the process.


  • So in other words

I’m a broke college student with other priorities, I can wait for a HI-Po panther When I can afford to, after I get this running I’m selling the jeep or it’s replacement to fund my.... other expenses


  • So what’s wrong with it

Well I need new timing guides and a plethora of Gaskets, also a very expensive tool to align the crank.


  • How are you swinging that ?

I have my resources

Do I regret this project, no. I would have regretted not buying it. If things look my way I might end up buying a new block and putting the heads on that. It’s not for everyone though. When looking at an unfinished project I guess in some cases it really has to be worth it for you in some cases in terms of cost and the vehicle. Considering I bought my old CV for $600 this isn’t so bad.


  • Didn’t that run though

Shut up