It’s March and there’s still 18" of ice on the lake, so I’m dreaming. My son asked me this morning “When is summer!?” Yeah, buddy I know. Soon. Kinda soon.

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Maybe this isn’t even a thing anymore, but I’m calling this a #firstworldproblem. I’ve been saving money diligently for enough years now that I can look at new boats. And every time I look, I think, Hey what about one year newer, they had THAT option... but of course it bumps me out of my budget. So I go back to, I’ll just keep my boat another season.

THIS boat is what I’d get if one came up for sale near me. I even like the color scheme of this one in particular.

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Maybe lose the tower speakers and put a bimini top up there instead. I am not 19 and don’t need to broadcast my music directly into my neighbors’ homes. I do enjoy shade. But this is out of my budget for another year or maybe two.

My current plan is to use my boat most of this summer. Some time in July, try to sell it at the peak of the season (best seller’s market). Pocket the cash on top of my existing savings, and wait for the right deal. If I have to wait until next spring, I’ll have even more squirreled away so I’ll be closer to perfection. I can use other family boats for the remainder of the season, if I really want to get out. Like I said, #firstworldproblems.