I was out sick yesterday, and I mean, I barely got off the couch or bed yesterday. I spent most of it cuddled up with our younger golden doodle who is basically a stuffed animal when it comes to that. She will just lie down with/near/on you and stay. It was a stomach bug but mostly just a lot of discomfort and little else. I was able to watch a little TV but developed a massive headache so I couldn’t even do that after a while. I did watch 2 episodes of Police Squad, which, if you watch Project Binky, it’s at least worth watching one episode... you’ll see. Or just check out some of the clips on youtube, the intro and outro(?) will suddenly make a lot more sense.

Anyway, here, have a picture of a sweet cabin we visited last weekend. It had a warm woodstove and hot chocolate (you just had to heat up the water), and this is on an enormous private forest preserve called Green Woodlands. A self-described “computer guy” named Bob Green (really) and his wife bought some 30,000 acres in the middle of NH and made 30 miles of XC ski trails with these cabins sprinkled throughout. Totally free and open to the public, it’s a mecca for those looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the typical small NH town of 3,000 people. But seriously, it’s astonishingly quiet out there, I love it.

The cabin:

Illustration for article titled Is It Wednesday Already?

The guy also has been building some mountain bike trails. 60 MILES so far, and more every year! It’s really incredible. I don’t know his story but of all the things you could do with seemingly unlimited funds, this is a pretty good one.

I’m trying not to move a lot today so I’m at my desk catching up on things for now.

How’s Oppo been?

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