Is It Worth It?

So I have recently become aware of a very interesting opportunity. My local Cars and Coffee show for September is doing something rather awesome. They are going to Sebring International Raceway... about a 1.5 hour drive. They are doing a caravan from the dealership to the track, leaving at 6:15. Once at Sebring, a big show will happen and everyone will get to drive around Sebring in their own car! So, should I go? More info after jump.

So far the caravan includes a Mclaren Mp4-12C, Gallardo, F12, Zl1 Camaro, and many more sports cars. I have a 2013 Honda Civic Sedan with an automatic transmission. They say anyone is welcome to go, so should I join in?


It seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. And a really fun one as well. Here are the words from the Facebook Page:

On Saturday September 6, 2014 Sarasota Cars & Coffee will be at Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Florida. In conjunction with Foreign Affairs Motorsports and PBOC Club Racing, Suncoast Motorsports will be hosting their monthly Cars & Coffee, and a lunch time cookout, trackside at one of America's most historic racing circuits. We invite all of our guests to make the trip out to Sebring and take part in a very special event.

PBOC (Porsche/BMW Owners Club) is hosting their annual Kids Racing For Life charity event, which gives terminally ill children the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite sports and race cars. Registered drivers in Advanced and Instructor run groups can give the children rides around the 3.7 mile road course and produce huge smiles from everyone. This is also a Driver's Ed and Club Race weekend.

As a "Thank You" for coming out and supporting the event, Foreign Affairs Motorsports will be conducting a private raffle for just guests of Suncoast Motorsports. Everyone who joins us will be entered to win 1 (One) FREE Driver's Education track weekend at Sebring International Raceway at a future date *Restrictions apply* This can be as high as a $500 value. In addition to the raffle, all guests of Suncoast Motorsports will be given the chance to take their own vehicle around the track for a few touring laps. These laps are single file at slow and safe speeds, with a pace car leading. Passengers are allowed so fill up your car and have some fun.

Cars & Coffee at Sebring will begin at 8:00am like normal with your favorite pastries and fresh coffee. Admission to the race track is free of charge, guests are just required to sign a waiver release before entering the paddock area.

For your convenience, a Suncoast Motorsports team member will be leading a caravan of cars out to the track at 6:15am. We ask everyone to arrive at Suncoast Motorsports at 6:00am on Saturday September 6th and join the group drive. It is roughly a 1.5 hour drive so come prepared with fuel and something to drink. If you would like to make the drive on your own, or with your own group of cars, feel free to do so.

Once again, the September edition of Sarasota Cars & Coffee will be at Sebring International Raceway, NOT at Suncoast Motorsports, as we support Foreign Affairs Motorsports, PBOC Club Racing, and the annual Kids Racing For Life charity event. Please RSVP to this event page, share, and pass the word on to everyone you know. Thank you and we will see you on Saturday September 6, 2014!

So, what does everyone think?

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