God bless this thing, look at it. It’s Classy and brutish, a proper englishman. Essentially a descendant from the 48 LR series as a Jeep Wrangler is from an old Willy’s Jeep. It has lived a long successful life gaining a cult following. This is an important truck that Tata motors can’t screw up, but will it really hurt them to just end the line altogether ?

Let’s look at it and it’s original proposed successor. Two years back LR gave us a variety of DC100 concepts to gauge interest in a second generation Defender, it looked cute, but not a representation of what the Defender is. A defender replacement needs to be that truck that can be effective in it’s work and be available in different configurations for that work. The DC100 is not that truck. I’m afraid the Defender might become a LR4/Discovery if they’re not careful.

Land rover could honestly just make the car that’s already trying to become the Defender


The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has been threatening to become the Defender since the 2005 Rescue Concept and most recently Jeep has even proved that the Wrangler can be massaged into what is efficiently a modern Defender with the Africa concept, from this past Moab expo. A simple Frame extension and a fixed roof to build a Defender. Of course it takes more than adding a new tail end on your Wrangler to make a Defender, but it will fill the role just the same.

So why not take the fight to the Wrangler ? Jeep has shown there is a market for this type of vehicle if done right. If Land Rover can make a modern Defender that starts at no more than 35 grand in USD, maybe offer the same capability the Rubicon offers as a starting model then from there you can accessorize or upgrade as needed. Then again there is this whole reliability issue. Trucks are meant for durability.


I honestly don’t know how reliable Defenders are, but it’s stable mates don’t really have a great reputation. A simple no frills truck is what this needs to be to be a viable option outside of the EU. Then again I could be wrong, and this truck may never see our side of the world, LR is still on track to produce a defender replacement, whether it be the DC100 or whatever else they drew up within the next year or so. We can only hope for a US bound Defender to take on the Wrangler. We all know that D+W=Bronco.