Has anybody else noticed that most of the most jalop content on Jalopnik is actually sourced from other websites?

There are several things which combined to make Jalopnik a neat site to visit - old cars - interesting cars - accessible cars. At the best of times all three rolled into one.

Doesn’t seem to happen much lately. If its an old car its usually something hyper-collectible and out of reach, if it’s interesting it’s new, if its accessible - it’s boring. When an article comes up about some cars that are all three, interesting, old, and accessible for those who aren’t mega rich - it’s usually content from some other site.

I don’t know what gives - chasing the most clicks maybe? Or a change of vision and purpose? The audience is still there, people seemed to be very interested in older, interestinger, accessible-er vehicles. Andrew P. Collins’ International Scout project got a lot of comment from readers who wanted to see more for example. My own posts about driving Subaru 360s and old SAABs got way more recommendations than most articles on Jalopnik get, and a lot of comments too, even if they didn’t rake in the viewcounts of stories about new cars. Obviously the core audience is still interested in older, interesting, accessible cars. But we mostly see current events stories that are available everywhere else, or posts about new cars, often which if they are interesting at all, are way beyond the means of the average reader.