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Is Jezza full of shit?

I was listening to a video by Jeremy Clarkson talking about F1, and he mentioned Gilles Villeneuve’s fatal crash. We all know that Villeneuve was in a questionable state of mind given his feud with Pironi, but Jezza made a dubious claim regarding this that I have to question.

From what I’ve read, Gilles was thrown from the car still belted into his seat, breaking his neck when he hit the catch fence. Jezza claims that he was so angry at Pironi’s faster qualifying time that he rushed out onto the track without securing his seatbelts, but this seems highly suspect to me and is the first time I’ve heard this take. What’s the truth? Jezza does have a habit of embellishing things, so I don’t think I can take him seriously in this case, but I’m curious to know if anyone else has made this claim.


Salut Gilles...

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