Not in the sense that leasing a vehicle does not mean that you own the car you drive, but that our society is being pushed towards a model where one does not actually own anything and as a result ownership of cars; knowing when, where, or how to service your vehicle, the basics of how it actually works, why certain parts wear out or fail, how to maintain a vehicle, etc is in dramatic decline.

Ownership in the sense that people care about their vehicle, want to know how it works (even if only at a basic level), and make an effort to maintain it properly. The ideal that their car represents something for which they can feel pride, "This belongs to me. I want to keep it special." Instead of our current cultural trend of making payments for access to a product that suits our fickle desires, and that can just a quickly be changed when we want something else.

All this knowledge is being lost because people no longer care to know anything about, or properly maintain their vehicles. Is our culture of renting our products contributing to this declining knowledge through people leasing vehicles?