The month of May has been a roller coaster. I’m looking forward to the ride being over so I can get off.

Photo: Gregory Pfaff (Track Night in America, Harris Hill Road, San Marcos, TX)

Things started off pretty good, with a TireRack Street Survival course for my youngest daughter in her VW Beetle. Her mom had asked me about some extra driving school for the kid since he had been hitting the side of the house with her car. That actually went well, with the instructors commenting that the kid has a natural rhythm and the car is really more capable than they thought.

Then there was thr track night at Harris Hill. Stef Schrader may love this track, but oh god I don’t. The track is in rough shape and in desperate need of a complete re-pave. I watched at one point a Corvette in front of me break a muffler hangar and then do two laps with the muffler bouncing around in the back. After I got off the track I now have a new rattle underneath my car that I still haven’t found. It was fun, but I don’t see going back there any time soon.

Then I got a call that my phone said was from my ex-wife. She had dialed and put the youngest on the phone. She had broken her key off in the ignition in her Beetle. “It’s going to cost $700 to fix and mom wants to know if you could split the cost with us?” I was hesitant, not because the car needed a repair, but because when they bought the thing I argued against it, and after riding in it for the driving school, I saw first hand that it’s kind of falling apart, and it’s only 4 years old. Of course I gave in, daughter likes her car, but that was $350 I wasn’t expecting to spend.

I work nights. I’ve worked nights for several years now, and I’ve grown to actually like it. I always have at least a couple of days off during the week, and really only work half the month. My boss signed me up for some training in May and June. Half of my month has been as a day-walker with the rest of the world. Driving to and from in the peak of rush-hour really sucks. Fighting for parking at work sucks. having to be awake all day and not take a nap sucks. I’m now happy to be back on my night shift with my team, but I have another two weeks of training coming next month.


For months, I have been telling my middle daughter that she needed to bring me her car to get the brakes on her Mini Cooper fixed. She’s had a brake light on since January. Once her college finals were over, she was at my door to get the work done. Great. I had been setting aside cash for this one at least, so took it to a buddy to get the work done. There went another $550, but the end result is a car that is once again safe to drive, with no warning lights on the dash. At least this one isn’t falling apart.

Then came the episode with the pothole. Another $1800 down the tubes. Yes, I needed tires, but I wasn’t planning on replacing them for another couple of months.


May wore me out. Here’s to hoping June takes it easier on my bank account.