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Is Miata the answer?

Looking for a small, fun car to daily and looking at an NC Miata Club or an ND Club. The NC is not the most loved Miata but I actually really like it. If I get the NC I’m looking for the power retractable hard top only. With the ND, only the RF will have a hardtop of some kind which bumps the price up a bit. I’m okay with the soft top on the ND if I go that route. NC has the advantage as far as price goes. It’s a solid $3-$5k cheaper than the ND.

My other option is an s2000. Prefer the AP2 but would get an AP1 if I find a good example for a good price. I’ve driven an s2000 a few times but have never driven an NC or ND. Hoping to test drive them both soon to get a feel for both and then make up my mind. Has anyone here driven all three? Just looking for input from anyone.


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