For the last couple of years have Detroit has been the most exciting car show of the year, even making Geneva appear fairly tame. This year the exciting news is a new Lexus battleship, a quick Kia liftback, and the official 2018 angry Camry. Considering that CES will probably debut all the awesome concept cars is NAIAS turning into a year end review rather than a new year kick off?

Perhaps everyone is just keeping their big reveals a secret and trying to create the same type of frenzy the Ford GT received. I mean there isn’t a better time to reveal the Toyota version of the Z5upra than NAIAS alongside the two sedans that scream US Toyota-dom. Let BMW have Geneva. Shouldn’t we see a 2018 Mustang, Mach 1, and the hellcat-killer GT500 EcoBeast? ZR1, midengined ‘Vette? I thought the US automakers loved this show! 


At least tell me Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Quest, 370z, and Frontier are getting new cup holders or a proper funeral...

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