(US Air Force)

Apparently not. According to Axios, President Trump wants to ditch the gorgeous and iconic Raymond Loewy livery on the new Air Force One and replace it with something that “looks more American,” perhaps with more of our trademark red white and blue, but more importantly isn’t a “Jackie Kennedy color.”

Loewy’s design has been on Air Force One, and other US government VIP aircraft, since the 1960s. It is distinctive, elegant and, above all, instantly recognizable. Before the first 707 received Loewy’s livery, earlier presidential aircraft had a brilliant orange nose. Perhaps there’s is some guidance to be found there? Maybe just put the orange on the top?

Anyway, I thought Oppo’s Photoshop geniuses could come up with some sort of appropriate MURICA livery for Trump’s new plane, which he may well never fly in. The next AF1 won’t be delivered until at least 2021.