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Is Oppo smarter than HondaTech and

Question about suspension stuffs.

So I need to replace the trailing arm bushing on the Integra (The big one near the toe arm)

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Here’s a quick video about how to replace it, but I think I can explain it more concisely with words.


(Actually I’ll admit, the video’s faster. Just need to watch the part about clocking the bushing. It’s already set to play from there.)

It’s ya boi EE getting his gloves dirty!

So you measure how far the bushings sticking out and then clock it by putting a ruler on the part that bolts to the chassis and marking that angle, so you can put the new one in the same way. However you do this with the suspension together and weighted. Then, if doing it with the special Honda tool/press, you disconnect the trailing arm from everything except the hub and the replace the bushing. Or the way I’ll be doing it, taking the trailing arm completely off the car.


My question is. Why would you put the bushing in at the angle it’s at with the suspension weighted, when you’ll be putting the bushing in without any weight on the suspension?

Because assuming the angle changes when the weight’s off it. Shouldn’t you put the bushing in the way the original one is unweighted so that it deflects to the correct position when weighted? Because if you put it in at the angle it’s at weighted, but put the bushing in unweighted won’t it deflect and be off?


And if the angle doesn’t change then why does everyone say you need to clock the bushing with the car on the ground? (weighted)

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