Shift bid time at work today. There’s about 10 of us in my department, and in the past we got assigned to a shift for a month and then there was a logical progression month after month whereby you wouldn’t have the same shift again for nearly a year. Now we’re broken up into two groups of five and our shifts are assigned for three months at a time. The rotation now has you taking the same position in the next group for the following three months; I’m position 1 in group 1 for the next three months, and then position 1 in group 2 for the following three months.

With all that in mind, some weird things were happening with my assignments. Earlier this year I had the dreaded 0300/1200 shift (we’re a 24/7 operation), but I didn’t worry since I didn’t expect to get it again for a year. I had to cover it for a week last month when I was on vacation relief, and I was assigned to that same shift again for June. Today we did the bid for the next three months with a ‘random’ draw, and yet again, I’m assigned to the 0300/1200 shift.

I realize that there was a 10% chance that I would get the same assignment, but really? Nearly half the year on this assignment? I don’t know if I’m being exiled, or if they actually like my work on this shift and that’s why they keep giving it to me. It probably doesn’t help that I’m all of about two miles from the office. I didn’t know what shift I picked at the time of the draw since I only chose a piece of paper with a letter on it that allegedly corresponded to a shift. And why were there only three pieces of paper left when I went to pick when there are three people in my group that joined my department after I started? One did start with the company before me, but joined my department, a higher-level group than where they were working, after I started. Is it based on hire date or date of rank, if you will...

I am not a morning person. 3:00am is when I like to go to sleep, not the time I like to start working. But I guess I don’t really have a choice if I wish to stay employed here (and I do like the job and the company I work for, as well as most of my co-workers...) On the bright side, it’s somewhat quiet in the morning, and the rest of the team starts arriving at the top of every hour until 9:00am. I get out of the office at noon just when stuff starts to get crazy and have the rest of the day to myself (although I’m usually dead to the world by 5 or 6pm). So, random or “random”?


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