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Is removing anti-roll bar endlinks, but not the actual bar. Ok, or will it roll around and hit stuff? (The bar itself)

As I’ve posted before, I’m considering disconnecting the anti-roll bars on the Volvo. However, to remove the front sway bar, you have to drop the front subframe. I want’d to ask y’all if I’d be good just removing the endlinks, or if that’d let the roll bar move/roll around and hit stuff.

I’ve decided I’m not going to spend money to try to soften up the ride, but if I’ll be good just removing the front endlinks (I’d be removing the rear bar completely) than I’ll just do that. Because the rides not bad enough for me to want to spend a good chunk of money to improve it and I certainly don’t wanna go through the trouble of dropping the subframe, but if disconnecting the roll bars makes it a little better over bad pavement, I think it’d be worth it. Because the suspension is just too stiff for the type of car it is. If it was a Miata or Integra, it’d be fine. But for a Volvo it’s a little silly.


I know off roaders just disconnect them, but I didn’t know if for a street car it’d cause problems, since your turning faster and such.

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