Is RWD now a premium feature?

I pose this to you all. What exactly is stopping GM from making their next family sedan RWD?

I chose GM because unlike Honda or Toyota, or even Ford, GM has a mid-sized rear wheel drive chassis available. The Alpha platform chassis is currently used in the Cadillac ATS, and nowhere else in North America. Why is that?


What is stopping the next Malibu from being based on the Alpha chassis? It's not as though the current Malibu customer demands a FWD car, I would wager that the average customer does not know what wheels propel their car. So why not make the next one RWD if no sales would be lost because it is RWD?

If anything I feel as though more customers would turn to Chevy if the next Malibu was motivated via the rear tires. Does GM and the industry as a whole want to make RWD a luxury and sports feature only?

The only RWD car under $30,000 that can comfortably seat 4 and their luggage is the full-sized Dodge Charger, and is the only one among its American peers to do so. Dodge has shown that a modern full-sized car can succeed with RWD, can GM do the same with mid-sized car?


Imagine how exciting the current offerings would be with rear wheel drive?

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