Is she "The One" ?

Or similarly, does “The One” exist for you?

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She may be good looking, tons of fun, loyal too. She may excite you, make music to your ears, and be the envy of all your friends. But, is your car (or is any car) “The One”?

Now, I’m not sure I believe in perfect, in anything. I think there are always flaws, but we can get past them if they’re outweighed by the positive aspects. But are you looking for, or have you owned, a car that you could own forever?


My first car, the automatic 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS (above) was certainly not the one, unless you mean the first one I saw that was a coupe and close to my parent’s budget. No matter what happened to it I always looked back and thought it was attractive (from most angles haha). I had an exhaust, intake, aftermarket head unit, and a 10" subwoofer. It sounded great inside and out. Sadly, there wasn’t too much else that I really loved.

My next car, a 2011 Mustang V6 with the 6MT, was bought with tons of research but also necessity as the Eclipse died. It fit my budget, I have lots of great things to say about it, but it had a transmission issue that Ford wouldn’t fix. I still had the same basic idea then, that I should drive my car till it dies for financial reasons, and I honestly would have if it had let me.


The transmission issue led me to trade in the V6 for my current 14' GT. I had more money, a solid career, and a good deal. I could talk a ton about this car, but again it isn’t going to be with me forever. In fact, I’m planning to replace it when it’s paid off this Fall. And thus I ask the question from this post, because I don’t know if I should be looking at the next 5 year car, or the first forever car.

Thoughts? Stories?

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