This is getting weird.

I’ve already e-mailed Kinja Support, but is anyone else experiencing this too? Random comments of mine are disappearing from the main articles. No combination of “show more comments”, “load more comments”, “show pending”, “view all replies”, or “show more replies” will reveal them.

Clearing cache and cookies doesn’t help. Nor does enabling or disabling the Kinjamprove browser extension. I’ve even tried using different browsers on different devices, and I’ve still got multiple comments hidden from view.


The only way that I can access these comments is through a permalink. In most cases, I can get to them through my profile page. I don’t think I’ve ever had a comment dismissed or flagged because well frankly I don’t post crap that would earn such a reaction. Besides, you’re supposed to get a warning notification when that happens, right? I’ve never seen it.

This comment was a reply to someone who commented on my post. Try finding it without the permalink. I don’t know why it’s not appearing, but I can tell you for sure that I did NOT flag or dismiss my own comment, not even accidentally.

Now usually, you can find all of your comments through your profile’s “discussions” page. But I’ve found that (at least) one of my comments can’t even be accessed from my profile at all. If you follow this link, it should be queued up to comments of mine from last month. Look at the first permalink (dated 1/12/18 11:51am). It displays the comment preview, but clicking on it won’t take you to the comment itself. It just loads the main article.

I distinctly remember that before that comment became inaccessible, it had garnered a few replies, but I can’t find any remnants of that conversation anymore. My permalink is broken and I don’t have the permalinks to those replies. Even the comment preview on that discussions page doesn’t show the “speech bubble” icon underneath the star, indicating that it had replies.


Actually, wait, let me try something...

Okay, well Kinja won’t let me give you a link to my notifications, but if I look back far enough into my notification log, I can find a couple of those replies. But only in preview form. I can’t read the full comments, nor can I tell if they received replies of their own. Clicking on them does nothing but load the main article, keeping those comments hidden just like mine.


What the heck is going on? My comments in this thread are invisible from the main article too.

Have you felt that any of your recent comments have been ignored? Check back on them. Maybe it’s just that nobody ever saw them. Maybe they’re just Kinja’d...?


EDIT: I’ve been able to get some comments to display by leaving pending replies turned off. Which is weird, because showing pending comments used to be the only way to show ALL comments.